Monday, June 23, 2008

Too funny for words

Until just about 2 years ago myself and Mrs Akela lived in a flat that was partly behind and partly above an estate agent, an estate agent who was making a lot of money out of the booming housing market. We shared the same Land Lord.

When they needed to expand they approached our Land Lord and asked if they could take over the whole building, if they couldn’t then they were going to walk out and find somewhere else for a bigger office. The result was that we were given 2 months notice to quit our home because the estate agent wanted to make a load of money out of the artificially inflated housing market. That's right, evicted to fule somebody elses greed.

So we left and found a house to rent only a few hundred yards away.

The Estate Agent decided to use the part of the flat that was behind them as an extension to the offices and convert the upstairs into a smaller flat. They then had the audacity to offer it back to us, 30% smaller at 25% more rent.

We told them to go fuck themselves.

Two years later and the housing market is going down the toilet, word on the street is that the poor old estate agent are cutting prices and making people redundant.

How my heart bleeds

And you know what else?


*Rolls about on the floor pissing himself*

I hope those greedy wankers go completely bankrupt!

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