Sunday, June 22, 2008


If you click on the little map at the top right you will get through to a world map showing where the visitors to this blog come from, run your eyes over it and you will also see adverts. Now it has become abundantly obvious that these adverts are targeted. Normally you will see adverts for retailers of scout and guide uniforms, or for out doors equipment, you get the picture. It seems to tie in with my more common ramblings.

So why, at the moment, do I keep getting a big advert for scientology? Why? I'm a Christian, albeit of the more liberal, takes Genesis as alegorical, varierty but I quite frankly think scientology is complete twaddle, and, until now, have not even mention it on here (that I can remember).

Who ever is paying for this advertising is getting a pretty poor deal and I would advise Scientologists (should they ever stumble across this) to find a new advertising agency!

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Putz said...

that is so funny...i get ads and visits from south american investment if it were aliens, british friends, or food that would make sense