Saturday, June 21, 2008

Something Positive

After various moans recently I thought it was time to write something positive.

This afternoon one of my cubs completed his Chief Scouts Silver Award. The final part was his personal challenge. Now bear in mind that this kid is ten, he ran a book stall from scratch at a local fete to raise money for a charity that helps provide clean water supplies to remote areas of Africa. He wrote, printed and distributed flyers to get books of people in his street. He arranged for them to be collected, sorted and priced them all, arranged with the organisers to have a pitch and then, with a team a cubs he had recruited, set about flogging them and last I heard was on course to raisning over £100.

He's just ten!

He's my senior sixer, simply because of his total enthusiasm. I knew I'd picked the right kid for the job at the start of this term. We went for a hike and it rained, I mean it really rained, it was frankly biblical! And there he was, no water proof trousers, instead in shorts and a water proof coat not giving a dam. He scampered along jumping in every puddle he could find, laughing and shouting and generally encouraging every soggy bedraggled kid he could lay his hands on.

What a star.

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Rebecka said...

Whayyy the amazingness of ten year olds surely makes the crappyness of call centres better?