Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am a broken man

We are now entering day 14 of the great broadband fiasco and I fear that my mental health is now suffering, no honestly, it really is. Yesterday, day 13, myself and Mrs Akela spent a total of 4 hours and 40 minutes on the phone to BT, including my epic 3 hour marathon in the evening. The 3 hour marathon was me trying to get released from our contract without having to pay any fees.

I would like to write and they had argued with me. If they had simply refused at least I could sit here and fume that either I had got into a contract foolishly or that BT were in breach of that contract (which is what I suspect) but I can't. Instead those 3 hours were spent mostly on hold and when I did speak to someone it was spent trying to get them to answer the question and make a decision.

It culminated in a half hour tussle with a "compliance manager" who despite admitting that he was the person that could make a decision (after 20 minutes of grilling and him refusing to answer the question) refused to because by the time I had got through to him the customer service and billing departments were shut. Why he needed them to be open to make a decision was not clear. When I took his name he claimed not to have a second name.

I am not kidding.

3 solid hours on the phone.

3 hours.

2 hours of which were spent listening to hold music.

It is the mental equivalent of water boarding, it really is. My brain this morning feels like it has been dipped in cold custard, it just wont work any more. And later today the whole process starts again as I try to get hold of the compliance manager at the time where he can make the decision that he is paid to make.

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PhilH said...

Any way you could start recording the calls?