Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Regulars will be familiar with my views on the tabloids, and in particular their stance on immigration. Yet in recent days they have sunk to brand new lows, first there was the Mails nasty little front page on Tuesday

Followed by todays absolute shocker from the Express which turned out to be an exact copy of a BNP slogan.

I wont dissect the stories themselves, that has been done in depth elsewhere by more blogs than I care to count now. Instead what I want to write about is why it's important for people like me and the thousands of other small bloggers out there to keep banging on about the lies and the distortions, even those of us that get 20 readers on a good day.

It's important because this is where it begins.

It begins with them and us. It begins with someone that is poor, some who is told "you're poor, and it's their fault".

And where does it end?

Does it end with lies from the Express or Goebells?

Does it end with broken windows in Jewish shops in Berlin or Birmingham Mosques?

Does it end with skin heads like the EDL or the SA on the street? Picking on a minority? Like Muslims or Jews?

Does it end with extremists like the BNP or the Nazis getting to power?

Does it? Does it end here? In this time? And this place? With no more hatred or ignorance? Does it end here while we can easily put it right?

Or does end somewhere else?

Does it end at Auschwitz or Belsen?

It's time to make up our minds.

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