Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is it

Well the time has come, tomorrow (Monday) yours truly will be at his last cubs night as Akela. It seems rather self indulgent to say I'm feeling say or even to write about it as I'm not exactly going far. I'm taking over the scout troop and will be faced with the same kids I was dealing with over the last 3 years or so with my current lot following me over the next 2 and a half. It's at the same HQ and I will still be close friends with all the old cub leaders. And yet......

I started helping with cubs 15 years ago during my sixth form and it's become a part of my life that's been pretty difficult to let go of. Scouts is different to cubs, the relationship with kids that age is different. In some ways it's easier, in other ways it's harder, there certainly wont be as many "awwww.... how cute?" moments. (The time 3 of the cubs presented me with home made book marks on my birthday was cute to the point of nauseating. I still use those bookmarks by the way!) That said I'm sure it will be easier to have a more grown up conversation and let the kids just get on with things without being supervised. There will still be the 2am issues on camp but it will be less wet beds and more "will you please be quiet!"

I have had more fun than I can ever properly put into words but the time has come to move on, a new door is about to open and I'm pretty excited!

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Putz said...

robbie anderson just came by to show me his new baby boy, and said that my influence was the greatest of his youth...i had him for 8 years on and off