Saturday, July 18, 2009

Royalty gets it right (for once)

Regular readers will no that I am a pretty much dyed in the wool republican. I really don't see any excuse for having a head of state who is not democratically elected. That said I have nothing against them personally, none of them are particularly offensive as far as I can see and indeed on occasions they can come out and do something quite marvelous.

Like this for example. Prince Charles hosted a garden party for YOU, an organisation that is trying to boost the number of kids in London attending uniformed youth groups. As part of this all but one of the London Assembly members. And who did they fail to invite? The one and only Richard Barnbrook of the BNP.

Prince Charles, for once I take my hat off to you! The BNP have NO place at anything to do with the scouts, or boys brigade, or cadets or St John's, democratically elected or not. And Charles has stood up to these nasty little fuckers.


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