Monday, July 20, 2009

Moments that make it all worth it

On the way home from work today I bumped into one of my former cubs who has just moved to scouts (I'll be following her very soon). Now while you shouldn't have favourites I have to confess to a real soft spot for this kid. I said that if she wanted she could come along to cubs tonight for my last night as Akela (basically a giant water fight followed by a BBQ), which she nearly ripped my arm off to do!

What was lovely though was that mum told me how thrilled this kid was that I'll be moving up to scouts and what she had been telling her friends there had come from other cub groups about me and couldn't wait to have me along.

Right now I feel about 20 feet tall!

1 comment:

Grendel said...

That must be a really good feeling and a genuine compliment.

Good for you Sir!