Monday, June 29, 2009

The Christian Left

First of all an apology, not much blogging at the moment as I’m about to move house and my life is in a slight state of chaos. Once we move there is likely to be some disruption to internet access so the slow rate of posts may well continue for a week or two more. Such is life!

However, I thought I’d take the opportunity to announce a new project that will be appearing on here. I’ve scrapped this concentrating on the Mail’s recent coverage idea. No don’t worry, I still suspect that going off on one about the Mail or the Express will take up a large part of the reading matter on here, I’ve not lost my sense of anger just yet. No, what I’m planning on doing, over the rest of this summer, is to write a series of pieces about why I am that most rare of species, a member of the Christian Left. Most Christians are conservative with a small C, and the majority on the left appear to be atheist. Indeed it some times seems that most people assume that if you are a leftie you are a non believer and that if you are religious of any persuasion then you must be right wing.

So I’m going to write a few bits about why I am Christian (don’t worry, I wont get all evangelical on you and start trying to convert you, and I’m quite happy to be engaged in debate, I wont call you nasty names and I’m pretty thick skinned!), and why I’m quite happy that it fits with being a total leftie, why I’m perfectly happy to believe in the big bang, evolution etc. You will also find me being critical of the organised church and how it presents itself. And of course you’ll see me go off on one about the Mail’s attitude to religion, but let’s face it, you kind of expected that didn’t you? :)

Oh and just to get one thing out the way at the start, I think Stephen Green of Christian Voice is an utter prick.


Putz said...

oh darn, i would like to be converted....any way you could preach just to me???????

Putz said...

i like new ideas

Putz said...

how are the cubs, oops i mean scouts going????????

Putz said...

hey, i guess the other day our brash young american in tennis beat murray, your whole country and your queei guess all of youse guys stick toeghther through both the thin and thick of things...yes i said that right

Bucket of Tongues said...

From what I understand about Christianity, I always thought Christians should be left-wing anyway. The Jesus fellah was always a bit of a radical. The Christian right seems to me to be more about the methodology (the righteousness, the power-seeking, the lack of empathy) than the message.