Monday, June 22, 2009

Back again!

Akela has been away on his holidays (or a short break really) in sunny Cornwall and would like to point out that much repeated offering that London sucks. I passed through both on my way and on my way back and simply could not believe the utter madness of the place. Coming back it was only emphasised having spent 5 days in the most chilled out possible area of the country. The pushing, the shoving, the noise, the smells, the underground and the just full on rudeness of the place all make me wonder why people live there, it’s a truly horrible experience.

Cornwall though was relaxed and friendly. The small hotel we stayed in tried to bend over backwards for us. Nothing was too much trouble, the owners were polite, friendly and genuinely wanted to welcome everyone into what was effectively their home. Truly wonderful!

Pity about the journey back with train diversions, air con that backed up, not enough luggage space, buffet car running out of food, rowdy passengers getting the hump when they got a penalty fair (look, you got caught, deal with it ok?), over crowding. What fun!

Anyway, Akela is back, mostly refreshed and ready to start fighting the good fight again! There will hopefully be plenty from me over the next day or two so watch this space.

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