Saturday, August 02, 2008

Random Ramblings

Not a huge amount to say today but just thought I'd share some random thoughts of no great consequence with you all.

This morning I found a fiver in my pocket that I didn't realise was there. How cool is that when that happens? You can earn a shed load but that extra fiver you find always makes you feel much richer.

I'll admit it, I was wrong about the Mail being all sarcarstic about the scout birthday award story. Hasn't stopped them being barstards towards us in the past though.

Somehow for the first time ever I've just seen the video for Club Tropicana by Wham. Tell me, explain, please, how did no one realise that George Michael was gay back then? How the hell did it pass everyone by?

I've just discovered a blackberry bush down the alley way that runs behind the back gardens of our street. Big, juicy, ripe, no pesticides or crap like that. Have picked a load this morning and will be back for more.

Does anyone know what snooker balls are made of?

I have tickets for no less than 3 football matches in August, can't wait for the season to get started, I really am feeling footy starved. Brighton V Barnet, England v Czech Republic and Barnet V Brentford. Pitty I'll be missing the first match of the season as I'll be at a wedding.

Tomorrow is my parents 40th wedding aniversary! Congratulations to Grand Akela and Grand Mrs Akela!

That was nice, makes a change from my normal ranting and raving doesn't it? Do you know I feel almost calm and scerene?


Putz said...

so what does grand akela do; what did he do for a living, or work

Akela said...

Mr Akela is a now retired engineer. In his hey day he made bits for everything from F1 Cars to air ships. In many ways he is the last of the Mohecans.