Monday, August 04, 2008

Flat Earth Theory

The internet is a weird and wonderful place. Come up with the most odd ball of ideas and you'll probably find a site dedicated to it. (Someone did once suggest I googled John Prescott Anne Widdecombe porn but I have to confess that my nerve failed me) Over time I've come to just accept in a very strange way that people with some rather odd views (even Mail readers) need their place to go and converse. Yet even I was left stunned by this.

Read it, I urge you. Read every last word of this, savour it.

And why should you? Because it proves once and for all that the completely stark staring mental excentric is no longer a thing of the past!

Flat Earthers, if only for your completely unashamed determination to be different, I salute you!


Putz said...

i so like your writing even though you are so english

Anonymous said...


(From the flat earth site)
Favorite Color:
Favorite Jellybean Flavor:
Favorite Radioactive Isotope:
Favorite Mineral:


Dilligent Flat Earth Society members under the employ of Delta Airlines undertook a project which will no doubt bring countless numbers of motion-sickness prone individuals into the ranks of our organization. Using only permanent markers and every airsickness bag on planes restricted to west coast travel, they were able to neatly outline the Flat Earth Society mission statement on enough receptacles so as to spread our creed to those of the masses with overly sensitive inner ears.

Your dog has joined us.

...You sure about this site?