Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Cubs are Ace!

So the ranting about the tabloids is over for the moment, what I want to say is what a great bunch of kids my cubs are. There is a famous bit of film showing Baden Powel saying something like people say that British boys have lost their sense of adventure but he didn't believe them. Well they are saying it again now and I don't believe them either, but I just happen to include the girls as well!

For 4 days and 3 nights 10 of my monsters (it was a small affair) worked hard, played hard and had a brilliant time. There were plenty of bumps, scrapes, grazes, insect bites etc simply because they were busy jumping over and bridging ditches, building dens, running at full speed through the woods and generally making the most of being outdoors. They went climbing and crate stacking and shooting and abseiling and did a 5 mile hike in 27C heat. Not one of them wanted to go home.

I was particularly chuffed with one of my sixers, this girl had a daft grin on her face from the moment she got there until, well, probably still has it! She just kept going and going and going.

So when people tell you how rubbish kids are don't believe them, kids still want to be out there having an adventure, they just have to be given the opportunity to get out there and do it!

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Putz said...

oh grand, not one of them wanted to go home, grand.....my one always said, putz what are we going to do, huh huh huh....and i wouldn't tell him....he said sometimes , well i have to work, and other times he would come to see what grand thing was doing at scouts