Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

You know for all my ranting in recent weeks the world is not all that bad after all. You know that even though the Mail and the Express will tell you that every teenager is either a knife wielding gang land hood rat or a totally suicidal and led into dangerous cults because of the music they listen to, the fact is that the vast majority of our teenagers are fantastic, intelligent, compassionate and well adjusted individuals.

I have 2 Explorer Scouts aged 14 and 16 who help me run cubs and everytime someone tells me how shit kids are these days I hold them up as shining examples of why those people are wrong. The 16 year old is a gobby, girl obsessed lad who could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Yet he plays cricket and rugby and volunteers his time to help with cubs, not for any reward but because he loves it. He brings out the best in the kids, particularly the shy ones by being fearless. Nothing slows him down, even a broken foot. Last night he got one kid who can barely sit on a bike, let alone ride it properly to charge down the field at lightning speed and cycle over a seesaw!

The 14 year old is quietly spoken and less experienced but on camp at the weekend was fabulous organising silly games off the cuff and is at her best when the kids are a bit worn out and are flagging towards the end of camp. A smile and a silly song from Shere Khan and they are back with us! She is a dancer and a musician and fantastically intelligent.

I have had previous young leaders, and the are as diverse as they come, quiet, loud, sporty, accademic, all action, artistic, scary looking, yes some wear hoodies, are pearced all over and drink under age and smoke when I would prefer that they didn't. But you know what? They are as kind hearted, well meaning and compassionate as they come.

No matter what the bastards in the press may tell you, the kids are alright, and I challenge anyone to convince me otherwise.

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Putz said...

you know that is what i liike about you, you can get all knarly on politics, and yet come out as a hero on boy leading and leaders