Monday, May 19, 2008

On being bored

So earlier today I had the rather nasty insect bite on my leg, that you will recall had turned green, sorted out. It was pretty minor, the most minor of anaesthetics, actual opp took about 5 minutes, stitched, dressed and sent home.

Trouble is that I've been told not to do anything the rest of the day and sit with my leg elevated. I've been effectively horizontal now for the better part of 4 hours and the fact is that it's getting a bit dull.

You may have realised from previous entries that I'm a pretty active individual, whether I'm screaming my lungs out at football or running round the woods with a bunch of kids or reading books by the dozen I'm normally doing something. Yet now I'm reduced to not a lot but the tv. Have you tried reading while lying down? It makes your neck hurt. Typing this is a bit uncomfortable, lap top, on lap, sprawled on sofa. Day time tv is crap.

And now the stitches are itching. I mean really itching. It's driving me mental. And I'm not even allowed to go to cubs tonight.

This is shit!

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Putz said...

it is only temporary...