Sunday, March 30, 2008

So what's going on in Akela's world right now?

Yours truly went to see Brazil v Sweden in London on Wednesday. Now regular readers (and I know there are some of you out there!) will know that I follow Barnet (see the link at the side), a small, frankly pretty pathetic little club that pulls in average gates of 2500 and where the standard of football is most politely described as "valient". So to go and see real talent, and I mean exceptional talent, on display was quite a night out. A huge pat on the back as well to the Brazillian fans who were amazing. A big disapointment though has to be the Arsenal fans in the crowd who booed Anderson when ever he touched the ball simply because he plays for Man united. Sorry folks, but that is utterly pathetic and in some ways spoiled what was a grate evening. If you want Brazil to play more games at your stadium then I suggest that you start thinking a bit more before opening your mouths. It helps.

I am currently having an Easter break from my beloved band of horrors but will be startign back a week tomorrow. There's one problem though, they are simply being too nice. They're quiet, well behaved, do as they're told first time, there's no plotting, scheming or wind ups.

In short, yes I'm worried. Now in the past I've had difficult kids and it's all become a bit much at times, but right now I would actually quite like them to act up a bit. Cubs should be FUN!!!!!!!!

Next term should be though, with the clocks having gone forward we should have loads of daylight, more or less from the very start. I just can't wait to get them all out of doors and doing some proper scout stuff. Roll on summer!

I have another band of horrors though which are the other extreme. Work have me seconded part time to the Prince's Trust at the moment, trying to mould a bunch of young adults from difficult back grounds into some that are employable. Now some of them are getting somewhere, despite having made some big mistakes in the past. With others though it is like hitting my head against a brick wall. The frustration is frankly driving me to drink. And I'm only doing this a couple of days a week, I have nothing but respect and adimiration for those who do this full time. That's not to say I'm turning into some kind of Mail reading arsehole who think they should be written off, far from it. It's just a lot harder work than I ever appreciated.


Putz said...

isn't the exploring program for older boys in finding jobs or employment, and the cubs less job oriented and more outdoor in it's activities?

Akela said...

Cubs is for 8-10 year olds and is part of scouting. Explorers is for 14-18s and is also part of scouting. Like cubs it emphasises the outdoors but for more adenturous!

Both sections (as well as beavers, scouts and network) also have a huge varierty of other aspects to the programme that will hopefully hekp in later employment.

And this side of the pond its for boys and girls! Fully mixed!

The Prince's Trust progamme I am also involved with is nothing to do with scouting, it's about helping young adults, who have often had difficult backgrounds and are unemployed to get back into work or training.

Putz said...

then the exploring and prince's trust program sound like they have a similiar mission even though diferently sponsered