Monday, March 24, 2008

Moan, Moan, Bloody Moan

Everywhere I go at the moment I seem to encounter people that are moaning about how "confusing" or "troublesome" the recycling scheme run by their local council is.

And they are all wrong. All of them. It's not confusing, it's very simple. All of them are. Here is how it works where I live, please point out to me what is confusing about the following.

Green bin - Cardboard, food waste, garden waste.
Black box - paper, tins, glass, foil.
Blue box - plastic, but not hard plastic.
Black bin - everything else.

Now true not every council works this way. Some, and wait for it, wait for the great intellectual leap that this concept requires, actually want you to put glass in with the plastic! That's right folks, you actually have to read the leaflet that comes with your council tax bill and remember to put it in the right bin.

Quantum physics? Kids stuff. Relativity? Easy. Recycling? Oh my God head for the hills! What witch craft can this possibly be?

I have no sympathy, none at all, with people that can't cope with this. It's there for everyone's good so that we don't have to fill fucking great land fills full of waste, now get a grip and get the fuck on with it.


Barlow Putz said...

how come i am thinking much like the british public and i am an american scouter with the urchins in snow caves, our klondike, in -20 degree temperature in snow igloos still in march at the top of the high rockies????

Barlow Putz said...

p.s. i had lost track of you until you last mmmmmm on my blog that was three food items and my origanal list had no food items, all personlity building items