Saturday, April 05, 2008

Planning in Advance

This week we started seriously planning for our big camp in 2009. This may seem a little premature given that we still have 5 to go in 2008 but this is a week long afare, Cubjam, a Cubs only jamboree at Gilwell Park in May 2009 (see link at the side, it's going to be great!). Anyway, the logistics and effort taken means that we have to start outting out info now and of course that means considering which cubs will no longer be with us then and who will have arrived from Beavers.

And it's very strange because there is this whole generation of kids who despite the fact I will see them once or twice a week for some time to come, and I had to sit there and take them out of the mailing list. It was a very strange feeling, not sure quite what it says about the relationship between leaders and their little bands of horrors but it certainly says something. It was quite unpleasent scrubbing them off like that but also the feeling that they will have moved on to bigger and better things. Plus ofcourse the anticipation of the new generation still to come!

Something to ponder.


Putz said...

so , how many females did you say were in your cub program/????

Akela said...

At the moment I have 27 cubs on my books of which 9 are girls. We have 5 adults of who 2 are women and 2 Explorer scout young leaders one of who is a girl, so the girls are well represented!