Thursday, July 26, 2007

This morning the UK contingent started arriving at the World Jamboree, tomorrow the rest of the world arrives and on Saturday it properly kicks off!

Words can't quite describe just how much I wish I was there, reading the website it sounds totally magical, just as it should be. At the end of the day though this is about more than the big events, for scouting to move forward it still has to happen at a local level. It needs volunteers to give up their time for local kids and do something special. Next week I will take the cubs on summer camp and we will celebrate the centenary together in the New Forrest.

I hope I don't sound bitter or resentful, I certainly don't feel it or mean to sound it, I just know that my heart will be in two places.

I will be taking the Cubs for a day trip and I already have my mind set on 2011 Sweden, maybe as service crew, maybe as a unit leader, who knows?

But right now, this summer, my place is with the pack.

I have turned away 4 kids in the last 2 weeks as well, we have demand in our district for 3 new pakcs and 2 new troops, never has their been more need for the likes of me to go and weave a bit of magic.

Don't think this was the most coherent post ever, just a few thoughts.

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Rebecka said...

Here here :)
We said goodbye to our totally excited friends on Wednesday and I think a lil' bit of us went with them in spirit. Jamboree will be immensive!

Have fun in the New Forest Akela.

We have a Brownie pack of 30 and a waiting list of something like 24. If people want to step up, your totally right, now is the time we need them too. I think Scouting and Guiding do alot more for young (and old :p) people today than many people realise.