Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ignorance, Pig Bloody Ignorance

I have just been reading the have your say section of the BBC website about whether scouting is still relevent. Most contributors are very supportive but the pig ignorance and absurd opinions of some has left fuming. So lets dispell a few myths about the scouts shall we?

1. It is not shrinking it's growing, both nationally and internationally.

2. It does not groom children for war. Actually it promotes international peace and co-operation.

3. Baden Powell never intended it to groom boys for war, his speach following the first world war was one of the most powerful anti war speaches ever made.

4. Having girls in scouts is a good thing. It has caused no problems for me or any other leaders that I know of. Sounds like a bunch of mysogenists just making trouble to me.

5. Health and safety rules does not prevent kids doing adventurous activities, it just means they do it safely eg helmets when climbing, life jackets when sailing etc. are you telling me that is a bad thing?

6. We are not some kind of Thatcherite organisation that wants to crap all over those less fortunate than ourselves.

7. Scout leaders are not peadophiles.

8. We do not promote imperialism, quite the reverse.

Start doing some research and stop talking crap.

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Rebecka said...

Again hear hear. People who just mouth off about what they dont understand or know about really annoy me.