Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Being Human

Being a human is a funny old experience. There are days when you feel alone. I don't mean lonely, although that happens as well, but in the sense you wonder if anyone else feels like you do, anyone else feels out on a limb like you do, that feels the same weird messed up feelings like you do. The fact is that everyone goes through moments like that, we all do. It might be different messed up feelings that we have, but we still all have those moments. Sometimes though you can be touched by something that makes you realise that you're not alone, that other people fee what you feel, not just that feeling of being out on a limb, but that some people have the exact same feelings that you do.

And moments like that can provide moments of total comfort and touch you so deeply it almost hurts. What's more it can come from such un expected places, even a childrens film.

And that is both the wonder and the tragedy of being human.

Weird huh?

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Rebecka said...

Indeed, but comforting.

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