Friday, June 23, 2006

Time for a semi rant, and my rant is this......

Why, as scout leaders, do we not work more closely with a friends in the Girl Guides?

Yes I know we are two seperate organisations (regardless of what many in the general public might think) with differing rules about how we do things, but we are also two organisations with a shared history, a shared ethos, pretty similar set ups and do pretty similar stuff. The promises are extremely silimar. the traditions etc are almost identical.

So when we all moan that we are short on bodies for a camp or an event or want to do joint activities why the hell do we not approach them or them approach us? The hostility that I some times whitness is absurd and stupid in the extreme.

I personally have no such problems, I beg borrow and steal guide leaders like there's no tomorrow and where they can they borrow me back again, and it works! I also, quite proudly, where a Girl Guides promise badge (their equivalent of the world badge) on my uniform.

I went through Cubs/Scouts/Ventures in hertfordshire and there they work really close together, alomost all county events are joint, news letters are joint, many district activities are joint (including St Georges day) so why on earth is it not the same every where?

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