Saturday, June 24, 2006

In 36 hours time, almost to the minute, we will be moving out of this flat and moving and it feels a bit funny. Now I know we are only moving a few hundred yards so it might sound a bit melodramatic, but this is the first place, since I left my parents, that has really become home. Durham as a town felt like home, but none of the hosues I lived in was. This flat is home and despite the dodgy decor in the kitchen, the thread bare patch of carpet at the foot of the stairs and the strange smell that appeared everynow and then that we could never quite locate the source of I'm going to miss this place!

Last time I felt like this was my last night at uni. I was in the last lot to graduate so was living in college till the last minute. It was late at night and I was crossing the quad to get some washing and I realised how different it was. normally on a summers evening there would be windows open, music playing, voices and parties but on this night there was hardly anything. I sat there on my own for a few minutes just thinking about everything that had happened over the previous 3 years.

It feels quite similar now.


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Katie said...

Russian Twig Race is a roped maze in a group of trees. The kids have to carry a log/pioneering pole through the maze. The fastest team wins. It's great fun and Cubs, Scouts and even Explorers love it! :)