Friday, June 23, 2006

Well SCRAM was quite good fun, picked up loads of ideas, particularly on the craft front which is what we needed. The leaders at the pack are all very much in to getting out in to the great outdoors and doing stuff like fires and hikes and camping which is all very well but sometimes the kids want a bit more touchy feely stuff! The newspaper bangers were particularly good..... Also got accused of being good with kids after I had to organise them in to an indoor game while we waited for parents to pick them up. Was a bit naughty and taught them how to play 21's (a drinking game for the unitiated!) but adapted for kids. Was well chuffed to be accused of that!

Monday back at cubs we had a potential new leader come along to give it a crack. Think he'll be ok at it, he looked like a rabbit cauight in the headlights to begin with but I'm sure he'll get over that.

Am now desperate for this bloody move to be over and done with, most of our stuff is now sat in cardboard boxes and it's a little bit unsettling.

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