Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Time!

Ooh.... been a few days hasn't it? Sorry fellow bloggers but it's been a rather busy few days since I posted on Wednesday night. Work was mental on Thursday and that was followed up with scouts which was the hardest work I have ever had with a group of scouts of any age. What the hell got into them I don't know but 2 kids ended up sitting out much of the evening and one got sent home. Thursday night of course meant the whole Question Time circus which I tried to ignore as much as I could but Mrs Akela wanted to watch it so it was impossible to completely miss. I consider it mostly to have been a pointless non event but that's just me.

Today meant football (more on that later) and dinner with my parents who confidently informed me that Dagenham council exercise positive discrimination for immigrants for social housing. A spot of questioning revealed that a bloke down the pub told them.


Anyhow I am back with a mostly free Sunday which as things stand will not be a hungover one and an extra hour in bed so you may see a bit more of me in the next 24-48 hours.

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