Sunday, October 25, 2009

Barnet v Darlington

I couldn't really let my presence at this game go without comment, simply because it was so utterly awful.

I've been following Barnet through thick and thin (mostly thin) since 1992 and have also followed the lower division teams of where ever I happen to be living at the time. So I've seen an awful lot of crap football over the years. I know what crap football looks, sounds and yes, even smells like. And trust me, as crap games go, this was up there with the best. It was terrible, it really was.

Now I know the first half was played in horizontal drizzle so Brazil like following football may not have been what we should have expected, but there was still no excuse for what unfolded. From both sides. And the ref. Neither side could string 3 passes together and the only decent chance of the half saw a Darlo player miss from 2 yards, under no pressure having gone round the keeper. Players kept falling over, tackles missed the ball and the man, neither keeper made anything like a decent save. It was that bad.

The second half was a bit better, it could hardly have been worse, but was still pretty turgid. A 3-0 score line to Barnet was flattering and reflected only how utterly terrible Darlington are as opposed to anything like decent football from Barnet.

Darlington are doomed to relegation, that much clear. Barnet though are better than this, I've seen them this season a million times better and if they want to get anywhere near a play off spot this kind of shite has got to be consigned to history.

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