Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alive and Kicking

There are those that will tell you that football is dead. It's not what it used to be. That saturation tv coverage all seater stadiums and high ticket prices have turned it into a comodity to be bought and sold. And in some ways they are right. The fact is though that there are signs of hope, that it's not dead yet. And I'm looking at one of them right now.

It's a letter in my prefered football mag When Saturday Comes and is someone writing in with additional information about the history of Torpedo Moscow. And that gives me hope because it means that we football geeks, the pre sky tv generation are still out there. The true fans that care more about the history and culture of our clubs and our game than the latest over paid super star. Those of us who don't change our allegiences and have endured the crap times as well as the good. We're still there. And we're not going to go away.

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Anonymous said...

Though I don't wish any hardship on footballers, the bursting of the bubble can't come too soon - it sounds harsh but I hope we're seeing the start of that with the SKY 4 downsizing somewhat, and Pompey close to administration. Then we might have success based on sportng merit rather than financial prowess (for which read "abiity to sustain debt").