Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Fun

After the serious stuff of the last post I thought I'd have a bit of fun with this one, it's another one of my lists. In no particular order here are my top ten most over rated things in the world. What are yours?

1. Titanic. Boat sinks, boy gets the girl. Decent effects I'll grant you, it's not even that bad, it's a passable movie and Kate Winslett is certainly lovely but worth all those oscars? Is it really that good? Nah.

2. Radiohead. Couple of decent singles in Creep and Street Spirit but then disapeared up their own arse. Better guitarists than me but worth all the adulation? Nah.

3. Music festivals. Mud. Drunk teenagers. Iffy toilets. Why not just go to a normal gig and go home and sleep in your own bed?

4. Celery. Urban legend has it that you burn more calories eating/digesting than you get for it. So what's the point?

5. Fizzy water. Why?

6. Quintin Tarrantino. Passable films, no great shakes. And he wears a berret. Why?

7. Motor racing. How is this considered a sport?

8. Twitter, can be fun to play with but generally pretty useless.

9. Tea. It doesn't taste of anything, why not just drink hot water?

10. Film 4. Couple of decent films a day, rest is just rubbish.


Spudman101 said...

*GASP* ... How can you say that about tea. Take it back! There is no better drink than tea (except maybe elderflower cordial which I have recently discovered is awesome).

Putz said...

i want your honest opinion on something on this post and then i will go back to your previous blog christen left which interests me....the question why when a person who can blog and state his beliefs on a blog botherwith drivle from tweeter or face plurk or any of those social blogs????

Akela said...

Putz, facebook has its uses, like sharing photos but yes, intellectually, proper blogs are far more stimulating.

Bucket of Tongues said...

Agree with you on Titanic (a dreadful film with excellent special effects - but still A DREADFUL FILM) and motor racing, but completely disagree about festivals and Radiohead. If you can't appreciate "Paranoid Android"... oh dear.