Friday, September 11, 2009

British Telecom and the insipid pit of utter wank that is their customer service

Where to begin? Where in the name of all that is holy can you being when describing the hell of trying to get BT to get off their lazy arse and fix my broadband connection, a connection advertised as "up to 24mb" where we can really only get 3mb and where for the last 8 days we have actually got 120kb.

8 days. 8 fucking days. And still I'm told it wont be fixed for another 3 days. And that is after hour after hour on hold, or being transfered (normally to the wrong person), or being cut off, or waiting for call backs that never happen, or being lied to, or being told it's our fault, or denying we are even a customer or that an engineer has even visited us. I kid you not. At one point they even claimed we didn't have a broadband service with them. Well if we're not really a customer I guess we don't have to pay their bill every month right? Right. Oh. I see. Wrong.

How bad did it get? I have been balled out by my boss after I spent 10 minutes ranting down the phone at a call centre monkey. I've been told to make any further calls of such a nature in the stair well and not disturb everyone else. That's only the second bollocking I have had in 9 years with my current employer. Akela is normally a very good boy!

How bad did it get? One attempt at fixing the problem resulted in absolutely nothing happening to the broadband but did result in us not being able to make phone calls for 24 hours. Now I'm no phone engineer but even I reckon I could have pretty good stab at not making the problem fucking worse.

How bad it get? I'm a lazy fucker at heart and really can't be arsed being one of these smug people who shop around changing utility companies because they might save £1.79 in a life time on their electricty, yet for the first time I will be doing so.

How bad did it get? There was the lovely Mrs Akela's epic 1 hour 15 minutes on hold and my epic half an hour. 105 minutes of human existence we will never get back. Over all between us I reckon we've spent over 12 hours on the phone in the last week trying to get this bastard problem fixed. We've been lied to, ignored, criticised refused permission to speak to people and generally treated like an incovenience.

It's a fucking joke. BT are a waste of space and can frankly go shove their broadband up their stinking, festering bone idle arse.

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Anonymous said...

How I got round my little contretemps with BT last year was to go straight to the top, rather than faff about playing pass-the-parcel with the clueless phonemonkeys; the person to deal with, who knows what she's doing, is Julie Foster at Executive Level Complaints. who can be reached at