Saturday, August 29, 2009

Please. You have no idea how much I want this! Please!!!

So it's a Saturday, and that means football. And today my beloved Barnet will be playing Notts County. I can't make it and I am gutted, and for good reason. You see what has happened to County sums up everything that is wrong with football, someone with more money than sense has bought them as a plaything and pumped more money than you can shake a big pink spangly stick at into the club. And the fact is that they should run away with the 4th division this season. And it sucks.

All those clubs that try to do it the right way, to develop their own players, to build bridges with their local communities are going to be left behind, Barnet amongst them. So it would be nice to put one over on them this afternoon before they disappear over the horizon. We have a reasonable chance as well, Barnet have the best side that I have seen for many years and their is genuine competition for all positions, so it's not like we should be expecting a spanking in any case. However a win today would be so soooooooooooo sweet.

Come on lads, for me, do it for me and I promise to turn up to Johnstons Paint games as a thank you!

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