Monday, August 31, 2009

I blame the parents

As per my post below I spent today at a wildlife rescue center and a fascinating day it was as well. As I am sure you can imagine of such a place on an August bank holiday there were plenty of families with children there, and I can't blame them. There was loads to see, touch and learn about and I can't plug the place enough. I did however notice something, I had noticed it before but this time was more pronounced than ever.

There were various talks on, we saw talks about Lemurs, Otters and Wolves and were joined by many others, mostly families. Some groups listened attentively to what they were being told, while others did not, they made loads of noise and simply talked over what the staff were saying and on occasions made it very difficult to here. Now I know that it is an informal setting and perhaps I'm being a bit prudish, but I thought it was bloody rude. If you don't want to listen then naff off and look at something else. The talks are only ten minutes, you can come back when it's over and see the animals then. Alternatively hang around and listen, you never know, you may just learn something. I know I did, and I have a biology degree! (Did you know that in gangs of a dozen or more the short pawed otter in Asia can attack and force into retreat a full grown crocodile, such is the power of their bite? Amazing!)

Anyway, annoying ignorant fools get everywhere these days, but here's the rub, without fail where the parents behaved well and listened the kids did the same, where the parents were rude and made loads of noise, the kids did the same. Coincidence? Probably not.

And I feel nothing but pity for those poor kids.

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