Monday, August 24, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

A little bit of fun for Monday! I thought I'd introduce you to ten things that I love that I really shouldn't. Things that I should be big enough and ugly enough to not enjoy or anymore, or that are just too crap or sad or tasteless that I should really like. But I do!

So here, without shame are (in no particular order) ten of my guilty pleasures.

1. Dairylea Triangles - particularly nasty as food goes, but lets face it, they bring out the kid in all of us!

2. Avril Lavigne - possibly the saddest thing on this list? Proof that I need to grow up?

3. Cold, tinned, new potatoes - most chefs would have a fit over this. And I like to it them straight out the tin. Pretty grim eh?

4. Peters Friends - a modern attempt at an Ealing comedy, totally cliched but still very funny and very touching in my eyes.

5. Baked beans with little (veggie) sausages in - on toast. Lovely!

6. Pretty much any Stephen King book - well why not have a bit of horror with your shredded wheat in the morning?

7. Processed Cheese slices - not quite as nasty as dairylea but getting there. Good late night munchy though.

8. Top Gun - totally awful film but lets face it we all saw it as a kid and wanted to be a fighter pilot. Go on, admit it!

9. The Levellers - perhaps I should be smoking weed in a field?

10. Vienetta - 80's kitch I know but lets face it, scrummy!

So what's yours?

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Five Chinese Crackers said...

I share four of your guilty pleasures, believe it or not! Numbers 3, 6 (except that one's not so guilty), 7 and 10.

To add to them:

1. Really bad 80s rock - like Whitesnake, Scorpions and Poison. I was into thrash metal during the actual 80s, so this is particularly guilty.

2. The Karate Kid. Same reason as your reason for Top Gun (except I've never seen Top Gun. I thought Tom Cruise was a twat at the time).

3. Superhero comics. Old issues of Power Man and Iron Fist are especially guilty, with Power Man's dodgy blaxploitation movie dialogue.

4. Flavoured milk.

5. Roadhouse, with Patrick Swayze. I once went to the crap bar in Covent Garden called Roadhsouse with a mate of mine who convinced his girlfriend at the time that it was a Patrick Swayze theme pub.

6. Megadeth.