Sunday, May 03, 2009


For reasons that are described as "know your enemy" I decided to take a look at the Blog of Simon Darby of the BNP this afternoon. And what a read it was. Now while it has the disadvantage of giving me the urge to dunk my lap top in strong disinfectant and then take a shower in concentrated sulphuric acid to purge myself of such vileness it had the advantage of giving me some idea of the mindset of a Nazi politician.

You see I read quite a lot, some of it written by politicians. That includes news papers, books, blogs magazines etc. And what you find is that while you may disagree with many of their ideas they do nevertheless cover a wide variety of subjects. A typical politicians blog will tell you about their ideas of what they would like to do. It will also be critical of the oppositions ideas. A good example is here, the blog of Liberal Democrat Matt Davies (a personal friend of mine in the real world). It covers a wide variety of material, some of it I agree with, some I disagree but it is still typical of what main stream politicians will write.

So what do Darby's pitiful ramblings consist of? Believe it or not, given that he and his merry band of racist twats spend most of their day persecuting everyone they can find that doesn't have white skin, he whinges on about being persecuted himself.

Oh diddums!

Most spectacular of all is this post. Read it, savour it, go on, soak it up in all its glorious absurdity. It puts me in mind of those scenes in Downfall as Hilter rants on insanely. (Blog of Nazi politician puts people in mind of insane racist dictator? Shurley shome mishtake?) In just one post, one single post, he accuses the BBC, Yorkshire Post, the NUT, Labour and the Archbishop of York of treating the BNP unfairly. By that he means they had the temerity to criticise them and point out the patently obvious truth. ie that they are racist arseholes. Most incredibly he thinks that urging people to vote in a way that ensures that their views are represented and that those of extremists are not is an "attempt to subvert the democratic process".

Eh? You what?

That was in just one post.

Elsewhere there is precious little to actually form an idea of what the BNP would actually do should they (God forbid) every get into power beyond shitting all over people with brown skin. All you get is an overwhelming sense of paranoia and hatred of anything that is not white.

And frankly long may it continue. You see I have turned away from the policy of many liberal/left bloggers of not linking to the BNP because I honestly believe that the more people that read pitiful shite like this the less will be able to take them seriously and so are less likely to vote for them.

Of course what really frightens me is what would happen should they ever pull their fingers out and put something out more main stream. If they ever started looking at main stream issues like health and education and drew people's attention away from their inherent bigotry then we could end up with some serious problems. As it is though when I read blogs like this I sit comforted in the knowledge that the wankers at the BNP are going nowhere fast.

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