Sunday, May 03, 2009

What the crowd want

I remember many years ago watching one of those straight to video football compilation films narrated by Danny Baker. Piss poor though it naturally was (these things are always a bit pants) he did make one very insightful comment. He said that he wanted to show crowd shots, in particular the fans of the team on the end of a right hammering. And it's true, when you sit there watching Match of the Day or the Championship of whatever your poison is you normally find that the producers insist on showing you the reactions of the players, or, at best, the reaction of the managers.

And it's not what we want to see!

We want those crowd shots of fans with heads in hands or leaping around dementedly as appropriate. The reason being that's where the drama really is. If a given club is relegated these players will probably be getting a transfer elsewhere where as the fans are going to have live with it. Equally if this team end up winning a trophy it is the fans who will remember it for generations. And to be honest watching ordinary people is thoroughly more interesting and entertaining than watching an over paid player with a stupid hair cut.

So it was a refreshing change when watching Match of the Day 2 tonight to find that for the Spurs v West Brom game there was a camera following the Baggies fans as they endure an entertaining yet ultimately fruitless battle against relegation. More of the same next week please Auntie!

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