Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comments Moderation Policy

Hi folks, once again sorry for the lack of postings right now, I will be getting back to fighting the good fight shortly, just got a lot on at the moment, work, camp, buying a house etc. However I thought I'd better come on here and explain for my regulars that I have been forced to turn comments moderation on to full, something I had wanted to avoid.

The reason for this being that one of my older posts has been picked up on by this individual, Mr er.... football crazy. Mr F has accused me of, inter alia, being a "kiddy fiddler", a "gary glitter wanabee" and of hanging around in play grounds in nothing but an unbottoned mack. I fear that he has been reading too much Richard Littlejohn, who knows?

While I am unsure whether or not I should feel sorry for this pitiful individual or just consider him to be a total dick I do know that I would rather not see such things on my blog hence the moderation feature is being switched on for the foreseeable.



Beth Skove, Publisher said...

Wow! He sounds like a potential stalker. I've read your blog for a while now, and never once has the idea that you might be a child molester crossed my mind. I'd say he has a few issues to resolve. Boy Scout/Cub Scout leader does not automatically translate to child molester. There are plenty of great men and women working with children. (gawd - what an ass he must be.)
Keep up the good work!

Akela said...

Thanks Beth. To be honest I think he was just being rude and insulting for other reasons and being a cub leader was just what he saw as a weak spot. Using the feedjit widget I can see that he arrived by searching quite specifically for blogs that link to, essentially an on line ticket touting agency. Seems quite an odd thing to look for without a good reason. I suspect all I've done is wind up a ticket tout enough that he's been reduced to mindless insults.

Bucket of Tongues said...

A sad man. Comments like that say more about him than you.