Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ticket Touts

I really despise ticket touts, they pretty much sum up everything that is worst in capitalism. They buy up tickets for events people want to see, to see desperately, and then flog them on at extortionate prices.

Now I know the arguments about supply and demand and that if people didn't buy from them they would soon close down but we all know that is not going to happen. So in short, I hate ticket touts (I've never bought from one myself, even when disapointed).

Where's this going?

Tomorrow night I and 3 friends will be off to Wembley to see England v Czech Republic and being the anorak that I am I was interest in seeing how many tickets have been sold. I did a bit of googling (yes I know, it's tragic, but like I said, I'm an anorak, so get over it ok?) and while I didn't find the answer I wanted I did come across this site

Two questions.

Why do they have tickets available for England V Ukraine and England v Kazakstan when they haven't even gone on sale yet?

Why are they advertised at £85 when the most expensive seat to see England is £60?

A couple of clicks in and you find the answer, it's because they are in the club level, and don't cost £85 at all but £250! Now this means that people who have club wembley seats are selling their tickets on to people like this or else this company has snapped up a load of club wembley seats, something that is most definately not meant to happen. Club Wembley was, for the most part, intended as pretty much an England season ticket with the cup final and semi finals lobbed in for good measure.

To me this site stinks and I will be reporting it to the FA given that football tickets are not meant to be sold on above their face value. It sums up the vultures that prey on the ordinary fan, something football is infested with now.

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Akela said...

If you're wondering why I am commenting on my own post some 8 months after I published it, it is in response to an attempt by a character called "football crazy" to post no less than 3 comments himself.

This delightful individual has accused me of being, interalia, a kiddy fiddler a Garry Glitter wanabee and of hanging around play grounds in an unbottoned mack and nothing else.

It seems to me that this individual has an unhealthy obsession with peadophiles and may want to examine what is going on in his sub conscious.

What a cunt.