Thursday, August 21, 2008

England 2 Czech Republic 2

Why the fuck do I bother?

Ticket - £40
Train fair - £24
Pie and a pint £7.30

Total Spend to watch that pile of shite £71.30.

Tickets for the next England home game, a world cup qualifier v Kazakstan, go on sale next week, now can someone explaine why I should bother after the festival of tepid wank that the supposed cream of our national sporting crop produced tonight at Wembley? There were exceptions, Rio Ferdinand looked pretty solid, Jermain Defoe looked the only player likely to score in open play (both these players were inexplicably substituted) and when Bentley came on as a sub he added some life to an otherwise limp looking attack.

As for the rest? Barry and Lampard had identicle performances, both looked over weight, neither showed any class and neither did anything of note other than give the ball away. Rooney and Heskey were both anonymous and while Beckham worked hard he was woefully off the pace. Woodgate and Jenas were both totally out of their depth and the defensive howler between Woodgate and Brown that nearly let in the Czechs for a third was the stuff of utter farce.

England can play better, I've seen them do it. They were not helped by some rather odd tactics (why the fuck was Joe Cole played up front when he came on?) and even weirded substitutions but on the whole the players have only themselves to blame for producing a performance that was simply not worthy of the honour of playing with the three lions on their shirt. And with that performance is it any wonder there were 20,000 empty seats tonight?

They should be utterly ashamed.

Right, it's late and I'm going to bed.

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