Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick! Lets all kick Beardy!

Lying awake last night suffering from yet another bout of insomnia I listed to Radio 4 quietly murmur away in the back ground and that was when I first heard of this story. The Archbishop of Canterbury making a speech about the actions of humans on the environment and the fact that God will not intervene to prevent our trashing of it. Now regardless of whether you are a believer or not I don't think you can really deny that the central premise that it's about time we collectively took some responsibility for the state of the environment is a very sensible one.

And I have to confess that, and call me a boring old obsessive if you so desire, my first thought was "I wonder what the Mail and its readers will make of all that".

Well to be fair, the coverage by the Mail itself is quite reasonable, it just seems to be a straight forward reproting of the key parts of the speech. No slant, no agenda, in fact well done Daily Mail! (Fuck, did I actually just write that?)

When it comes to the comments though its a different story. And it highlights something that I love about Mail readers, they seem to think that the Church is about promoting conservative values and not Christian values. Now some of you may think they are one and the same thing, I happen to disagree, why should Christian values go either way, should they not be an interpretation of the teaching of Jesus? But I digress, lets take a look at exactly what the punters have to say.

Of course, remember the ten commandments: "Remember that thou need to find ways of promoting environmental responsibility through Government policies." I warn Roman Catholic priests to be prepared: they will be receiving more and more converts from the Cof E if we have more speeches like this one.
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- George, Bolton UK, 26/3/2009 9:50

Do you see what clever old George did there? Do you? Caring about the environment and taking responsibility is all about politics. It would seem. Of course it is George, of course it is.

Of course he wont, neither will he protect us from the Archbishop.
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- Chris, Yorkshire, 26/3/2009 10:03

What you mean the Archbishop that actually gives a toss about the world his kids and grand kids will inherit. Is that the one you mean Chris?

Just as God hasn't protected us from weak liberal Archbishops of Canterbury, he means?
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- Simon, London, 26/3/2009 10:06

Why would he Simon? Explain? Or do you just want the right to do what the fuck you want to the world and ignore the consequences?

Once the God-botherers get involved, you know there's nothing in it.
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- Steve, Cambridge, UK, 26/3/2009 10:29

Go on Steve, you tell them. none of its true, none of it. It's all a lie! Twat.

The C of E is infested with liberals. Give the C of E back to the English!
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- john, bristol england, 26/3/2009 11:17

Because liberals are all er... foreign?

Of course there are those backing Beardy up but they all get lots of red arrows, people like this

Congratulations to the Arch Bishop for exposing how our selfish greed allows us to do what we want because it suits us. Those who believe that God does not allow us to face the consequences of our own actions have not read their Bibles. Those who think God had better pray they are right!
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- Simon Lissak, London, 26/3/2009 10:29

Not sure the last sentence makes any sense but Simon does generally and has lots of red arrows for his trouble.

At last ! He has said something sensible and relevant! Whether you believe in God or not The human race must take responsibility for all of its actions in relation to the use of the world resources. At the moment the human race and its predatory approach to everything is the worst thing to happen ever to this planet. Surely we must change our ways reap the rewards of non concern greed avarice etc?
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- jasbo montrose, montrose angus, 26/3/2009 10:17

More red arrows. I fucking despair, I really do. I would have thought Jasbo's comment would be the one everyone could subscribe to but clearly not.

Once again I find it terrifying just how many people read the Mail and what their attitudes are. The Great British Public. And to think I'm one of them.

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