Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A new language

Well it's happened, I have someone lined up to take over from me as Akela in the summer. I'll spare you the self indulgent ramblings about it all seeming real now, instead I'll cut to something that may be more applicable to the real world.

My replacement is a parent who is coming into this cold, she was a girl guide 30 years ago but other than that is starting from scratch. She loves the out doors, has experience as a teacher and runnign a Sunday School so has the basic skills and experience. What she doesn't have though is the language.

Every organisation, be it an employer a charity a club, whatever, has its own jargon, its accronyms, it's management structure, the scouts perhaps more than anyone else. I know what CC, ADC, Fellowship, WOSM, Service Crew etc mean but outsiders don't and neither does the new Akela right now. It's going to be steep learning curve!

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