Sunday, December 21, 2008


On Friday I got drunk. It was the office Christmas bash, and I had a lot to drink. No surprise there, milions of people have done exactly the same thing. Except I didn't just have a couple too many and decide that a KFC would tast good, no, yours truly didn't just do that, what I actually did was drink until I didn't know who I was or what I was. My mum phoned me that evening and I had to call her back on Saturday to find out what the hell we talked about.

I know I wrote on various facebook walls and I dread to look at half of them for fear of what embarrassment it might lead to. According to Mrs Akela I had created my own language by the time she scraped me off the sofa where I was threatening to pass out and put me to bed. I feel at this moment I should say just how wonderful Mrs Akela is for the way she looked after me on Friday and then held back from rubbing the embarrassment in on Saturday, when she would have had every right to.

And then I had to go to a wedding on Saturday. It was rather hard work grinning through that hangover.

I am seriously considering neverd drinking again.

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