Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Shameless, disgusting hypocrisy of the absolute highest order

It's quite something when the Mail goes far as to actually make me choke on my diet coke mid morning, but this morning's article on Jeremy Clarkson making jokes about the Suffolk strangler hits a whole new level of hypocrisy. It takes it to levels I thought it was incapable of.

Now JC remarks may have not been in the best of taste, indeed I'm not a fan of the man full stop.

Yet lets stop for a minute and pause to reflect on what the Mail, that bastion of taste, decency and respect had to say about the victims of the Suffolk Strangler. Let's just remind ourselves of the exact words printed shall we?

"Mother Teresa, they weren't."

"the deaths of these five women is no great loss."

"The only kind of missionary position they undertook was in the back seat of a car."

"disgusting, drug-addled street whores"

You scummy, hypocritical little fucks. Go fuck yourselves.

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