Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm alive, awake, alert enthusiastic!

Or so goes one of my prefered camp fire songs. And it's quite appropriate because yours truly is feeling irritatingly chirpy and cheerful today. The sun is shining, the trees are wonderful colours, my boss is out the office for the day and its the FA cup tomorrow. Yes the Mail is still telling lies, yes I'm still having to harrass cub parents to hand over subs and camp permission slips but over all it feels rather good to be alive today!

So yes tomorrow is round 1 of the FA Cup. Probably the only football competition that no one has managed to trash so far. They've had a go alright, Arsenal still wont play a first team come third round day and there is the nasty after taste of sponsorship to it, but over all its still a grand old competition. Two teams drawn randomly out the hat slug it out, if they draw, and I absolutely love this, they play the game all over again! Isn't that so wonderfully English? Shame it doesn't go to second and third replays these days but you can't have everything.

So I shall be at Underhill tomorrow to see Barnet v Rochdale. It's not glamorous, it's not sexy but it's the game I love and I can't wait.

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Putz said...

UTAH 10 AND 0 IN PERFECT FOOTBALL, UTAR JAZZ 4 AND O AND PLAY AGAIN TONIGHT...BYU 8 AND 1 and will play the 10 and 0 utahns saturday..