Sunday, November 09, 2008

Memories Part 2

Earlier today I had reason to be going through a cupboard full of old photos. Many of those photos were from trips away with the cubs, both my current lot and my former band of horrors in Durham. And it's a strange feeling going through them, seeing all those old faces that come and go. The oldest cubs photo was taken, I think, in 1998. That means the oldest cubs then will (hopefully!) now be in their final year at university or have jobs, or maybe be married or have children. When I last saw them they were at primary school, and it seems like just yesterday.

I was pleased with how many names I could remember given the hundreds of kids that have passed through my hands in the 14 years I've been at this. It was also strange to look at the faces that I couldn't put a name to. Would they remember me if they saw me in the street tomorrow? Would they care? I hope they would, but the choice is someone elses. Even when I couldn't put a name to the face I could still remember what each kid was like. Who was loud and who was quiet. Who was the joker, who was the brave one, who was the natural leader, who was trouble, who had the wicked grin. They all stay with you.

It's a strange carry on this working with children lark. They come into your life for that short space of time and then fly off in what ever direction life takes them. You can never know what happens to all of them. I just hope that they all make the best of it that they can.

Sorry, suppose that was a bit personal compared to my normal rants, just feeling a bit funny today.

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Putz said...

one of your best rants of all time...made me know how wonderful you have been with those wonderful children as you call them