Sunday, November 09, 2008

Memories - Part 1

So it's remembrance Sunday and this year it has been a little more significant than others. This year our scout group has had a former leader serve in Afghanistan with the army. Thankfully she got through her 6 months out there in one piece although she will be heading back there in the spring for another tour. She's just 20.

We have also just had our group war memorial restored. It's a farely simple affair with the names of seven leaders who died during the second world war. And they died tragically young, the eldest of them was just 23 and another died just before the end of the war. So it's created a certain amount of interest in who these young men were and what they did. So I am starting up a project to try and track down some information on them. A quick bit of googling is showing that this may be easier said than done, particularly when dealing with names like "Brown" and "Cook". It's the kind of thing that I think the group should know about.

So I'll keep you posted!

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Putz said...

my lawn was decorated with vet memrabilla from the local lion's club...on sunday and monday