Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Having a Laugh

At the moment yours truly and Mrs Akela are looking to buy a house and it is a process that is exposing to that most obnoxious of breeds, the estate agent! We've encountered them before of course when finding somewhere to rent and have had the inevitable rows about deposits and grubby carpets etc but this time round they are trying to obtain the better part of quarter of a million from us, and given the standard of what they are trying to get away with giving us in exchange for said quarter of a million I am beginning to believe that they are all, quite simply, arseholes.

Lets go through some of the description of the one we went to tonight shall we? And bare in mind this is just a few of the issues!

"Renovated High Spec." High fucking spec? Are you having a laugh? They've converted the loft and the new floor doesn't reach the walls. They've re pointed some brick work and left holes in it. They've left bare bricks in one bedroom and asking for more money if we want it plastered.

"Entrance Lobby". Entrance fucking lobby? Are you having a laugh? You can't get more than 1 person in it, it's the tiny little gap at the bottom of the stairs (which are just bare boards by the way).

"Three bedrooms". Three fucking bedrooms? Are you having a laugh? 1 decent bedroom (with the famous brick work with holes in) and 2 large cupboards is nearer the truth.

Lounge and dining room and kitchen? No, a lounge with a kitchen at one end.

Walking distance to city centre? Look at a map and tell me what you think.

And they want £225K for this? They can fuck off!

NB - This is an edited and slightly more descrete version of what I originally posted. Biting the hand that feeds you is not always the cleverest of things to do!


Anonymous said...

Not sure how the pound translates to dollars these days, but $225 will get you 2,800 - 3,000 sq ft of house 30 years old or younger, plus a yard of 150 X 250 feet or so. Generally 3 or 4 BR plus 1-1/2 to 2 baths. With room for people to live in it.
Maybe you're paying for "atmosphere" or "neighborhood" instead of actual living space?

Anonymous said...

I meant to say in NE Ohio, USA, $225 will buy you quite a bit of house.