Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thank God for football

Shortly I will be off to the footy, to see my beloved Barnet play (and probably lose to) Accrington Stanley (insert bad joke about milk here). At Barnet you can still stand on a grotty old terrace, surge down it when a goal goes in, sing and shout as loud as you possibly can and generally be a big kid.

And thank the Lord for that, because right now that is exactly what I need to do.

I have foolishly cast my eyes over the Mail website and we have articles arguing for the deportation of someone resident in the UK since they were 3 (not the 6 as stated in the article, that's a lie). Interestingly it only quotes the human rights act part of the ruling and ignores altogether the part about the 2004 citizenship directive part which says you can't deport an EU citizen who has been resident for 10 years or more. Another one laying into the UN when they complain about how we treat our children with particular emphasis on attacking the media (which papers in particular might they be referring to. I can't think, can you?) and a bit more of its insidious campaign to discredit global warming.

Once again it has made me angry enough to want to scream and shout so thank God for the footy and the opportunity to do so without people looking at me strangely!

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