Friday, October 03, 2008

Hitting your head against a brick wall

There are times when I deapair of the media, not just the Mail and the Express, but all of them, at the ignorance and attitude of them. This morning on Breakfast news I saw a report an effort to get young offenders to join up with the scouts, guides and other uniformed organisations to try and turn their lives around. Now regardless of what you think of the scheme it was impossible to watch the report and not cringe with embarassment, in particular at the idea of using ging gang bloody gooly as the sound track.

Is there any chance at all that the media might actually sit up and take notice that we have modernised, that we may have something a bit more to offer and we do reflect young people of the 21st century and not those of the 1900's. Any chance of that? Maybe? Or are the same old cliches going to be dug out again and again?

That would be the latter then. Yes, I feared as much.

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Putz said...

i have no idea of this ging gang gooly