Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roll with the punches part 2

Today I'm actually laughing at the Mail, laughing at just how out of touch they are.

The article that is causing my mirth is this Peice of comedy

It sets out how the scout association is to publish new guidance to its adult leaders on how to deal with matters of sexual health among it's young members. I think that this is the guidance in question. I say think because the story says that it is to be published tomorrow, and as I write it is still today, if you see what I mean. However, have a read and see what you make of it.

I cannot see anything in this guidance that makes me uncomfortable, can you? When you read it you can see that leaders are told to discourage underage sex but to make sure that information is available about STDs, contraception etc. I simply don't get what the problem is.

The attitude of mail to this is nothing short of hilarious. The photo they show of a scout leader and his "pack" (for fuck's sake, can't they even get the terminology right if they want to be taken seriously?) from the 60s complete with shorts and big hat just makes me want to point and laugh. They seem to think that an attitude of don't speak, don't tell is going to stop teenagers having sex. Well I have news for them, it wont. And adults that deal with kids need to be ready to deal with what may be awkward situations. Anyone that says it is a simple thing to deal with is lying. Then again the Mail wouldn't know anything about that, they all think that young people are knife wielding hood rats who get A levels from bog roll dispensers.

Dealing with cubs it is unlikely this will be much of an issue for me, however I have had a series of teenaged young leaders helping me and if any of them had, or if any of them do approach me for advice then this guidance is what I consider a sensible approach.

I'm not entirely sure what the Mail would suggest but what I do note is that they haven't put their head on the block and actually said what they think we should do.

This paper is a fucking joke, it really is.

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