Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big enough and ugly enough to know better

What do you do when two particularly vile individuals decide to have a bit of a spat in public?

Well normally yours truly would sit back, point and laugh and let them fight to the finish till hopefully one of them although preferably both, crawl off broken, battered and no longer able to wield power, influence or generally piss me off. And that is how it would be if, say, Anne Widdecombe and Digby Jones had a row or Michael Howard and Michael Portilo, or Paul Dacre and Richard Desmond. The common theme in that list being that they are all representatives of causes or organisations that I can’t bare.

The last few days though have seen two individuals that I find particularly vile having a spat but I have felt very differently because quite frankly they are just making a mockery of two things that I believe in and wish people would understand better while both being under the impression that they are doing the right thing. What I have felt is a huge desire to tell them to both shut the fuck up.

Yes I am referring to Richard Dawkins, scientist and author of, amongst other things, the Blind Watch Maker and The God Delusion and Stephen Green, the head (or as many report, and I hope they are true, it’s only member) of Christian Voice, a right wing Christian pressure group.

So what has gone on, well take a look at this story.

Yes Dawkins is at it again, giving it all the arrogant attitude that he can and generally making scientists look like insensitive arseholes. And Green is equally at it, spouting hypocrisy of the highest order and generally making Christians look like reactionary bigots. These two are being childish, petulant and to be honest most of my cubs can show more maturity, sensitivity and back bone than either of these supposed adults.

Dawkins seems unable to comprehend the fact that Christians, and indeed those of any religion, can quite happily believe in God and in evolution. The bible may say God made the world, it does not say how he did it! Equally he doesn’t seem to realise that not all of those of a religious persuasion are right wing bigots who want to restrict anyone’s freedoms of belief or speech.

I have no problem with atheists arguing their point, what I do have a problem with is atheists arguing their point in a rude, aggressive disrespectful and arrogant way that Dawkins does.

Equally Green cannot seem to grasp that one of the fundamentals of his own religion is love, compassion and tolerance (actually that’s 3, but hell, who’s counting? And it’s my blog ok?). He too can’t grasp that I can be a Christian and have a biology degree and believe in evolution. You want evolution Green? Why do you think we don’t have a treatment for the common cold virus? Well? Because it mutates too fucking quickly, it evolves you prick! Comprende?

I have no problem with those of a conservative view pint arguing their case but again I do have a problem with them doing so in a manner that is rude, aggressive, disrespectful and arrogant, the way Green does. And indeed I have issues with Green's views full stop which are best described as sexist, homophobic, racist and every other ist and ic you can think of.

These two are as bad as each other and are making both science and religion look foolish.

It’s time for both of them to have points knocked off their six, lose their sixers stripes and bloody well grow up.


Miss Snuffleupagus said...

Oh come on now... I love Dawkins! His arrogance is funny. At least he has the nerve to point out that everyone is completely bonkers!

Akela said...

I agree he has his moments, anyone or anything that tweeks Stephen Green by the tail must have some redeeming feature!

However his knowledge of theology is comparable to someone commenting on all aspects of biology with an in depth knowledge only of virology. And it is this ignorance combined with his arrogance that irritates me.