Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barnet 1
Wycombe Wanderers 1

Let's be clear from the start, in the unlikely event that this blogger ever needs a cows arse hit with a banjo he will not be calling upon the services of either of these two football teams. Entertainment there was a plenty at Underhill last night, chances came out of everybody's ears as two teams intent on playing football the right way, with the ball at their feet went hell for leather at each other. Trouble was neither of them seemed to realise that you're meant to put the ball inside those nice white poles at the end of the pitch!

I wont go into a full match report but the two goals were fantastic to see.

Barnet opened the scoring on 24 minutes when a well worked free kick saw Nicky Deverdics score his first for the club, driving home a fierce low shot from 25 yards.

Wycombe's equaliser on 67 minutes was a slick move down the left finished with a deft header at the back post.

In between we saw shots go over (one of them from all of 2 yards) go wide, get saved, players trip over their own feet when 6 yards from goal having gone round the keeper (yes Mr Adomah, I'm talking about you! I could have fucking scored that!)

Even the referee, Mr Singh, had a good game, he must have because I hardly noticed him.

For once I came back thinking £15 well spent! Football, at times I love it!

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